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Lift-Tech  LTD., witnesses over 5,000 inspections every year in the  Tri-State area. Property management companies and building owners are responsible to hire a third party QEI Certified-DOB Licensed inspection agency to act as a witness and certify that the inspection/test procedures was performed in accordance of the new code. 

​Witness Annual Category 1 & Semi-Annual Inspections (ELV-3)

The Category 1 Test/Inspection is an annual inspection (periodic) no-load safety test, required by ANSI/ASME A17.1, A17.2, A17.3 (N.Y.S. & N.J.)

Witness Category 5 Inspections 

The Category 5 (Cat-5) is performed with rated load and speed every five years from date of installation, required by ANSI/ASME A17.1, A17.2, A17.3 (N.Y.S. & N.J.)

Witness Category 3 Inspections

The Category 3 (Cat-3) is performed every three years on water hydraulic elevators. Specifically, this test is performed on the unexposed portions of roped water hydraulic elevators and pressure vessels. ANSI/ASME A17.1, A17.2, A17.3 (N.Y.S. & N.J.)

Witness Door Lock Monitoring Inspections

The Door Lock Monitoring Inspection test the Door Lock Monitoring System which prevents the operation of the car if the car door is not closed, required by ASME A17.3-2002, Appendix K, Chapter K3, Section 3.10.12.The Door Lock Monitoring System (DLM) is to prevent the operation of the elevator if the elevator doors are open. The NYC Department of Buildings has mandated upon completion of all DLM installations be tested by an approved elevator agency and witnessed by a DOB licensed third party witnessing agency.


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